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Upgraded Hosting

We just updated the web servers for all of our clients!
Here’s what we have done over the past 3 weeks:

1) Upgraded security

We added SSL certificates to all sites. In Chrome, look for the green lock icon and word ‘Secure’. Sites will rank higher in Google and be harder to hack. We enable secure certificates through the Let’s Encrypt project to encrypt all traffic between your website and its visitors.


2) Optimization

We’ve gone through and optimized pages so that they load even faster. We did this for all the sites we built, even those not contracted for Webmaster services. This means a page that was loading in 2-3 seconds could now load in as little as 0.7seconds.

And yes, those sorts of things make a difference to search engines and your visitors.

We check our pages on Pingdom as well as a few other sites.


3) Upgraded web server

We moved to a new faster web hosting server using Solid State Drives (SSDs). It’s something we evaluate for improvement every year. We also offer unmetered bandwidth (more GBs!) for our sites. See Terms for details.