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Website Development


Webmaster Services

Rather not make website changes on your own? Too busy running your business to keep your website up-to-date and fresh Shudder at the idea of keeping up with one. More. Password? We can help!

Our minions are happy to make changes or additions to text, images, products, or news/blog posts. You can simply email them to us and we’ll update your site. We can even perform emergency updates. Our basic package includes:

  • Update Site Content
  • Maintain WordPress, Theme and Plugins
  • Post Emergency or Scheduled Updates
  • Perform Monthly Reviews
  • Periodic SEO Check Ups
  • Increased Website Backups

Contact us and see if Webmaster Services are right for you!

Core Features

These features are included in all Zoto Labs hosted websites.  

A lot goes into building a website; a great majority of it happens behind the scenes. This is a key differentiator between a site built by a professional and using an online website builder. Two sites may look similar but the proof is in their performance.

Mobile First Development

We build your site from the ground up with the mobile experience firmly in mind. Our sites are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly.

Wordpress Powered

All sites are built using WordPress with premium themes. Optionally, clients can easily take over management of their site should they so choose. However, most of our clients choose to use our Webmaster Service.

Site Optimization

We optimize images, site code and all associated plugins and programs to ensure that your site runs smoothly and quickly. And yes, we can back that up.

Email and Phone Support

All clients receive direct email and phone support access. If we built or host it, we support it.

Search Engine Optimization

We develop for your users first and search engines a close second. If your users aren’t happy when they arrive, it doesn’t matter how they found you.

Image Management

We add a title and ALT tag to each image. Not only a best practice to assist in Search Engine Optimization but vital to providing a positive experience for those using site readers. #ADACompliance

Contact Form

We include an online form with each site. The Level 1 form allows clients the ease of contacting you without having to open email and possibly leave your site.


We adhere to industry best practices for usability and ADA compliance

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